Welcome to The Image Album.

The ‘Album’ was conceived as a means to allow friends and family easy access to view images taken on our travels.

As a ‘PAST‘ contributor to TripAdvisor we also thought that fellow travellers might appreciate ‘a view of the places and surroundings we visited ‘from a traveller’s’ point-of-view!

With regard TRIPADVISOR, if you are asked to offer a review of a local restaurant in your home town, just ensure that you are not ‘connected’ in any way to that establishment.  Apparently, if TRIPADVISOR ‘thinks’ you are employed by or are even friends with the owner or proprietor, [in my case, provided free services to help them with creating web site], they will assume you are not making an unbiased review or comment and are solely striving to improve the rating of the establishment concerned rather than offer a genuine personal view of what ‘you’ think!  They should contact the reviewer first rather than assume the owners are at fault?

The album is continually evolving and additional places added as and when we visit a new location and time permits.

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  1. avatar shortbreak says:

    I no longer contribute to TRIPADVISOR due to the aggressive way they handle communication with you if they perceive you are linked to an establishment you may comment on!

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