European Health Insurance Cards

A recent foray into the world of renewal opened my eyes to the online process!  Apparently, you need to be very careful on which link you chose when using a search engine for the EHIC card application!  With the NHS renewal is FREE but if you are not vigilant, you can be linked to a site that ‘appears’ to be the legitimate NHS EHIC renewal site only to find out the site is a ‘third party’ and will process but charge you a fee!

The ASA took one such site to task in September last year due to a complaint of being misleading and the complaint was upheld but the sites are still misleading in my eyes regardless of what they print on their pages!  They should be part of ‘’ as it is easy to get mislead!


Be warned, check that you are on the FREE NHS renewal site before applying an application!

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Harrow Freedom Parade

Harrow Freedom Parade.
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Umbria – Vicky & Pete

A week in Umbria staying in the countryside at Borgo Della Marmotta
Located in Frazione Poreta near Spoleto.
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Romania 2014

A week in Romania staying in the countryside.
Located in Valea Mare Pravat near to Campalung
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Barcelona 2014

Short break to Barcelona staying at Hispanos 7 Suiza Aparthotel

Located near to Sagria Familia

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Sardinia 2013

This year we visited Sardinia for the second time, this time, the destination was Isolo Rossa in the North West of the island staying at the Hotel Relax Torreruja Thalasso & Spa. Pictures at:

This was one of the most relaxing and quiet holiday destinations we have been too for a long time!  Food was excellent, at least for us, and the kindness of the staff was well received!

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Emirates Airline

Cable car ride over the River Thames

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Eat Out

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Local Restaurants

The following restaurants have been tried and tested and are worthy of a visit:

Cafe Nem, a local Vietnamese Restaurant with excellent variety of mouth-watering dishes!

Saher Restaurant, a local Mediterranean Restaurant serving a selection of Italian, Turkish and Lebanese food, highly recommended!

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AVG Software

Let me first of all say, I like AVG products in-so-far as their functionality, they work fine for me although I know there are people out there who may have different opinions! This article is more of a hint on managing your licences! I have learnt over a period of time that if you do not keep a strict record of when you purchase a particular product and the licence period of that product, it is very easy to respond to an email from AVG telling you that your licence is about to run out and renew now and you go ahead and do that only to realise that, hang on, I only purchased a 3-computer licence of that particular software a few months back so how come I am getting a licence renewal notice! What has happened here is that when you brought the first licence ‘for one computer’ and then upgraded to three computers, it did not upgrade your one-licence copy, that continued to run until the expiry of that licence and then you got a renewal reminder! You were in fact running two copies of the same software and the fact that AVG do not recognise this or fail to acknowledge this means you sometimes renew that software when you already have a later legitimate copy running with still a good period of validity!  My advice, and what I did was, is to log in to your AVG account (if registered) and print off a list of what you have licences for, whether past or present, and every time you receive that email to renew you check against that list! That way you avoided renewing something you no longer require. Seems to me to be a sly ploy to get us to part with our money before we realise we shouldn’t have!  When I ‘spoke’ with someone at AVG on this matter he told me to just ignore the emails and eventually the renewals will stop!  I would prefer that AVG’s ‘system’ recognised the fact that you already had a licensed copy and that they upgraded that version to a multi licence version!  That would avoid a lot of confusion!

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