Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

A late May visit to a lovely woodland area called Isabella plantation in the central area of Richmond Park.  Ideally, the beginning of May would have been better as the colours of the various fauna and flora are at their best!  There was enough to delight on this visit and despite a forecast for a cloudy day, the weather was perfect for the visit.  Highly recommended for those of you who enjoy woodland walks, the beauty of nature and the tranquil environment that these spaces offer.

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Sardinia 2015

Hotel Flamingo in the south of Sardinia – May, early season!

Sardinia trip just a few days away, hopefully some new images of Cagliari, the capital!

For 2016, we had planned to celebrate our 40th at Villa Sant Andrea in Taormina, Sicily! We received news from our travel agent and even though the hotel offered us a stay at 2015 prices, far too expensive at just over £14,000!  Now looking at alternatives within budget!

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European Health Insurance Cards

A recent foray into the world of renewal opened my eyes to the online process!  Apparently, you need to be very careful on which link you chose when using a search engine for the EHIC card application!  With the NHS renewal is FREE but if you are not vigilant, you can be linked to a site that ‘appears’ to be the legitimate NHS EHIC renewal site only to find out the site is a ‘third party’ and will process but charge you a fee!

The ASA took one such site to task in September last year due to a complaint of being misleading and the complaint was upheld but the sites are still misleading in my eyes regardless of what they print on their pages!  They should be part of ‘’ as it is easy to get mislead!


Be warned, check that you are on the FREE NHS renewal site before applying an application!

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Harrow Freedom Parade

Harrow Freedom Parade.
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Umbria – Vicky & Pete

A week in Umbria staying in the countryside at Borgo Della Marmotta
Located in Frazione Poreta near Spoleto.
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Romania 2014

A week in Romania staying in the countryside.
Located in Valea Mare Pravat near to Campalung
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Barcelona 2014

Short break to Barcelona staying at Hispanos 7 Suiza Aparthotel

Located near to Sagria Familia

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Sardinia 2013

This year we visited Sardinia for the second time, this time, the destination was Isolo Rossa in the North West of the island staying at the Hotel Relax Torreruja Thalasso & Spa. Pictures at:

This was one of the most relaxing and quiet holiday destinations we have been too for a long time!  Food was excellent, at least for us, and the kindness of the staff was well received!

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Emirates Airline

Cable car ride over the River Thames

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Eat Out

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