Visiting Sardinia – Advice

Whatever the time of year, as Sardinia boasts such lush growth with some resorts surrounded by trees and green succulent growth, anyone visiting is advised to take insect repellent with them!  Some insects appear to have the ability to ‘get inside’ clothing as bites appear where you least expect them too.  Leave yourself ‘exposed’ and you are asking for trouble! Some bites are quite irritating like mosquitoes, others just appear as little red blotches and do not seem to cause any itching or annoyance! Most hotels boast air-conditioning, there are two types that are relatively common, A/C that cools the internal air in the room but does not change the humidity levels which can be quite high for those that are affected by humidity, the other actually ‘scrubs’ the air and cools and dehumidifies IT (removes moisture) giving you a cool and drier air quality.  The latter is obviously the better!  Take precautions and Sardinia is a beautiful island and it is worth those few extra minutes to apply insect repellent and or combined sun screen and repellent!  Lastly, if holidaying in a remote resort which is landscaped in natural forest areas, ensure you are not too close to any areas that have stagnant water, obvious breeding grounds for insects, especially mosquitoes!

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